Today in History: Conde Nast, Vogue & Clothing Styles

Today in History–March 26–the Library of Congress features publisher Condé Nast, born on this day in 1874. While working as an advertising executive for Collier’s, Nast created the concept of magazines based on targeted groups of readers. In 1909 he purchased Vogue and five years later created Vanity Fair. Learn more about American clothing styles by visiting the Today in History section, then click the links below to access primary sources related to clothing, style and fashion.

Condé Nast from America’s Library

Condé Nast historical newspaper coverage

Vogue 1920 fashion photographs (thumbnail images only)

Vogue primary source set

Vogue magazine historical newspaper coverage

Reading Vogue, Then and Now Insights Scholarly Work

Vanity Fair primary source set

Vanity Fair historical newspaper coverage

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Clothing – fashion primary source set

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Women’s styles animated film

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