November 26, 2020

Finding Resources: Searching Across

Searching Across

The Library of Congress is continually making improvements to the search functions of the online Library. Although the Library is vast and contains many sections, fruitful searches across are now possible.

Keyword search: “child labor” (quote marks used to indicate exact phrase)

Search Options

  • Use quote marks to search for an exact phrase.
  • Sort By: Relevance (default), Title, Date
  • Result Display: List (default, 20 items per page), Gallery (thumbnail images or icons + title, 40 items per page),
    Grid (thumbnails, 100 items per page)
  • Formats: All (default); Audio;Book;  Film, Video; Legislation; Manuscript – Mixed Format; Map; Music Score; Newspaper; Periodical; Photo, Print, Drawing; Software, E-Resource; Web Page; 3-D Object
  • Sorting Options: Original Format, Online Format, Date, Sites and Collections, Contributor (creator/publisher), Subject, Location, Language

Sharing/Saving Options 

Refining a Search by Subject: Number of Matches


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