Today in History: Salmon P. Chase

Today in History–December 6–the Library of Congress features Salmon P. Chase, nominated as Supreme Court Chief Justice by President Abraham Lincoln on this day in 1864. Learn more about the architect of the first two clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment who also served as Governor of Ohio, a U.S. Senator, and Lincoln’s secretary of the treasury, by visiting the Today in History section then check out the related resources below.

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Salmon P. Chase” Putnam’s monthly magazine of American literature, science and art Volume 12, Issue 7, July 1868

The Home-Life of Salmon Portland Chase” The Atlantic monthly Volume 32, Issue 193, November 1873

Salmon P. Chase’s Training for FinanceThe Century; a popular quarterly Volume 38, Issue 3, July 1889

Life of Salmon P. Chase” The Atlantic monthly Volume 86, Issue 514, August 1900