Today in History: Dartmouth College

Today in History–December 13–the Library of Congress features Dartmouth College, which obtained a royal charter on this day in 1769. One of the oldest colleges in the United States, this New Hampshire institution began humbly but is now considered one of the country’s top universities. Learn more by visiting the Today in History section, then follow the links to find more Dartmouth College primary sources.

Reverend Eleazar Wheelock Started Dartmouth College from America’s Library

Dartmouth College image set

Dartmouth College books & other texts

George Washington to Dartmouth College Board of Trustees, August, 1789

Letter, Thomas Jefferson to William Plumer regarding the Dartmouth College case, 21 July 1816

J. Purcell Haynes Appointed to Dartmouth Medical College” Cleveland Gazette 08/13/1887

More Dartmouth College historical newspaper coverage

When shall we thee meet again?” (song sheet, “composed and sung by three Indians, who were educated at Dartmouth college”)