Today in History: Franklin Pierce

Today in History–November 23–the Library of Congress features Franklin Pierce, born on this date in 1804. Learn more about our nation’s 14th president (1853-57) by visiting the Today in History section then click the links below to access more stories and primary sources about Franklin Pierce.

Franklin Pierce to Andrew Jackson, February 2, 1844

Democratic ticket. For President, Gen. Franklin Pierce, of New Hampshire. 1852

Democratic festival in honor of election of Pierce and King, bill of fare Nov. 30th, 1852

Franklin Pierce inauguration primary source set

Franklin Pierce Papers

Franklin Pierce to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, March 04, 1862 (Sympathy)

Franklin Pierce historical newspaper coverage through 1870

President Pierce historical newspaper coverage 1853-1857

A Review of Pierce’s Administration

More books about Franklin Pierce

Periodical articles

Sheet music

Featured Image: Pierce examining a witness–the good Samaritan

Franklin Pierce image set

Franklin Pierce home images

Franklin Pierce Homestead National Park Service

The Pierce Manse

POTUS: Franklin Pierce

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