Today in History: John Carroll, First Bishop of Baltimore

Today in History–August 15–the Library of Congress features John Carroll, who became the first Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States on this day in 1790 (click the link to read a contemporary account of the event).  Find out more about Carroll and his role in religion of the period by visiting the Today in History section. Then click the links below to access primary sources related to John Carroll as well as other religion primary sources and teaching resources from the Library.

A short account of the establishment of the new See of Baltimore in Maryland : and of consecrating the Right Rev. Dr. John Carroll first bishop thereof 1790

George Washington to John Carroll, April 10, 1792

Thomas Jefferson to John Carroll, September 3, 1801

John Carroll to Thomas Jefferson, February 20, 1803

Thomas Jefferson to John Carroll, February 25, 1803

Historical newspaper coverage related to John Carroll

John Carroll image set

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