October 18, 2018

World Spotlight: Great Britain & the United Kingdom

Great Britain—England, Scotland, and Wales—was established in 1707. Around a century later, together Great Britain and Ireland formed the United Kingdom though, today, only Northern Ireland remains part of the UK. The Library of Congress uses Great Britain in both descriptive and subject cataloging as the conventional form for the United Kingdom. Learning about Great Britain can help students better understand the foundations of U.S. culture and government.Great BritainJohn Bull and … [Read more...]

World Spotlight: Wales

The Story of the Nations: Wales 1902More books, articles and other texts about WalesCharles D. Cleveland to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, February 05, 1863 (Sends sermon from Wales)Wales image setSheet music related to WalesU.S. veteran oral histories (service in Wales)Foreign Affairs Oral History Collection interviews mentioning WalesU.S. historical newspaper coverage of Wales through 1922Webcasts related to WalesGuide to Law Online: England and WalesGlobal … [Read more...]