April 18, 2014

Today in History: Fannie Farmer & Cooking

Katharine Burrill, Annie M Booth. "The Amateur Cook." c 1906.
Today in History–March 23–the Library of Congress features cookbook author Fannie Farmer, born on this day in 1857. In 1896 she published the Boston Cooking School Cookbook (known today as the Fannie Farmer Cookbook), which was the first to feature standardized measurements. Learn more about Farmer and American cooking by visiting the Today in History section, then click the links below to access a cornucopia of cooking related primary sources.

Primary source sets

Digitized historical cookbooks

Online exhibition items

Culinary Arts

  • Manuscript cookbook (ca. 1770)
  • Jefferson’s Recipe for Vanilla Ice Cream (1780s)
  • Jefferson’s Pasta Machine (1787)
  • American Cookery (first cookbook published in America, 1796)
  • The New York Cook Book  (1892)
  • Lehr-bukh vi azoy Tsu Kokhen un Baken [Textbook on How to Cook and Bake] (1901)
  • 800 Proved Pecan Recipes: Their Place In The Menu (1925)
  • Attractive Meals Without Meat (1932)
  • Tamalada (Making Tamales) (1990)

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Women’s History and Food History: New Ways of Seeing American Life

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