November 21, 2017

Today in History: The Bill of Rights

Today in History–December 15–the Library of Congress features the Bill of Rights, ratified on this day in 1791. Learn more about the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution by reviewing the Today in History section, then click the links below for more Bill of Rights resources.

The New United States of America Adopted the Bill of Rights, December 15, 1791 from America’s Library

Creating the United States: Bill of Rights (interactive online exhibition)

The need for a Bill of Rights: letter from James Madison to Thomas Jefferson (Oct. 17, 1788)

Seventeen proposed amendments to the Constitution passed by the House of Representatives (Aug. 24, 1789)

Twelve amendments passed by Congress (Sep. 25, 1789)

Letter from James Madison to George Washington regarding Virginia ratification (Dec. 5, 1789)

Charters of Freedom, Bill of Rights (National Archives and Records Administration)

Our Documents, Bill of Rights (National Archives and Records Administration)

The Bill of Rights: Debating the Amendments primary source lesson plan

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