October 21, 2021

Citizen U Bulletin Volume 2, Issue 7

Last Updated on August 8, 2021


Volume 2, Issue 7



Citizen U

Weaving civics across grades and disciplines
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New Lessons

Do Our Parks Do What They Are Supposed to Do?
Students analyze primary source images and texts to investigate Frederick Law Olmsted’s theories of park purpose, design and development, then use what they’ve learned to assess a local park. Students may then make a proposal to the applicable local agency to preserve or renovate a park they identified.
How Did Birds Gain Political Protection?
Students analyze a variety of primary sources to investigate the impact turn-of-the-20th-century women’s fashion industry had on migratory birds, grassroots political efforts taken to protect the birds, and subsequent state and national laws. After, students will research a contemporary biodiversity issue and create a campaign to inform people and call them to action.

RISE: Racial Equity Webinars & Micro-credential


Action: Inquiry and Civic Action for Equity – Webinar 5 (Apr. 22) InfoRegistration

Empathy: Transforming Connections – Webinar 4 Recording & Resources

Self-Awareness: Healing History – Webinar 3 Recording & Resources

Inquiry: Dismantling Racism – Webinar 2  Recording & Resources

Reflection: Engaging All Students – Webinar 1 Recording & Resources

Our American Voice

Action-based civics education program
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On Our Radar

Civics news & resources from @OurAmVoice
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Historical Apportionment Data Map United States Census Bureau

Time to Ride the 2021 Civic Wave Frank Islam & Ed Crego

State-by-State 2020 Youth Voter Turnout Circle

Students Open Dialogue on Making Civic Education More Relatable, Equitable Nationwide Montgomery Community Media

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Primary Source Nexus

Teaching & learning resource blog
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Recent Posts & More from the Archives

Collection Spotlight:
Joy Harjo
Teaching Now: Innovative Ideas to Teach Social Studies Skills

Integrating Technology: Freedom Summer 1964 Primary Source Spotlight: Covid-19 Pandemic

Today in History:
Earth Day
Learning from the Source:
The Negro Speaks of Rivers

TPS Program

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News, Opportunities, Resources

Jason Reynolds: Grab the Mic April Newsletter

Library of Congress Family-focused Events

All events are free, but some may require registration

Library of Congress Literacy Series Programs
Information | Premiering on Facebook | Watch on YouTube

  • April 29 at 7:00 pm EST – Poetry Spotlight: Victoria Chang and Brenda Shaughnessy
  • May 20 at 7:00 pm EST – National Book Festival Presents: Walter Isaacson on the Biomedical Future
  • May 27 at 7:00 pm EST – National Book Festival Presents: The Art of the Memoir

Our Common Purpose Series with Kluge Prize winner Danielle Allen

Professional Development



RISE for Racial Equity – Action: Inquiry and Civic Action for Equity
Barat Education Foundation & DePaul University
April 22 5:00-6:00 pm CST
Free | Information | Registration

Exploring Strategies for Analyzing Primary Sources
Institute for Curriculum Services & the TPS Western Region
April 26 4:30 pm MST
Free | Registration

Double Take: How Should We Index This Image?
Arden Alexander, Cataloging Specialist, & Libby McKiernan, Processing Technician, Library of Congress Prints & Photographs
April 29 4:00-5:00 pm EST
Free | Information | Registration

Understanding and Unpacking Revolutions: Teaching Thematically with Primary Sources
TPS-MTSU with East Tennessee Historical Society
April 29 4:00 pm CST
Free | Email to register


History of European Antisemitism
Institute for Curriculum Services & the TPS Western Region
May 3 4:30 pm MST
Free | Registration

Thinkport Inquiry Kits
Maryland Humanities & Emerging America showcase Disability and Immigration History
May 4 4:00-5:00 EST
Free | Information & registration

Strategies to Engage All Students in Asking Their Own Questions Using QFT
Right Question Institute & Emerging America
May 13 4:00-5:00 EST
Free | Information & registration

Virtual Student Workshops

Library of Congress
Tuesdays through Thursdays between 10 am and 4 pm EST, except for federal holidays, on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to staff availability
Free | Access request form



The Right to Privacy: “The Most Valued and Comprehensive Right”
Emerging America, Collaborative for Educational Services
May 3 – Jun. 25; synchronous webinars May 19 & Jun. 9 7:00-8:15 pm EST
Fee – 67.5 PDPs (MA) or 3 grad credits from Westfield State University (additional fee) | Information & registration


Posters for the People: Using WPA Sources
Online, Jul. 5-16
Registration fee; graduate credit available at 50% cost reduction | Information & registration

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Through the Lens of Appalachian Culture
TPS Mars-Hill
In-person, Jul. 6-8, Mars Hill University, NC
Questions? Contact Bridget Morton | Registration

Accessing Inquiry for Students with Disabilities through Primary Sources
Emerging America & Maryland Humanities
Jul. 9 – Aug. 8; synchronous webinar Jul. 14 7:00-8:15 pm EST
Fee – 22.5 PDPs (MA), 15 hours (other states), or 1 grad credit in History from Westfield State University Information & registration

A is for Everything: How Typography Shapes our Language and Culture
Online, Jul. 19-30
Registration fee; graduate credit available at 50% cost reduction | Information & registration

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Planning Student Learning:
Focus on a Big Idea
Crafting from the Collections: Cherry Blossoms

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Martin Gardner Part 1

Women Who Made History Getting A Bird’s Eye View

Native American
Cylinder Recordings
Volunteer Vignette:
It’s just so much fun!

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