November 16, 2020

Citizen U Bulletin: Volume 1, Issue 17



Volume 1, Issue 17



Citizen U

Weaving civics across grades and disciplines
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Most Recent Additions to the Lesson Library

Absentee Voting & Voting by Mail

Electoral College: Does Your Vote for President Count?

I Am an American Day

Identifying Bias in Presidential Election Newspaper Coverage

Teamwork, Community, Culture

United States: Biggest Business in the World

Our American Voice

Action-based civics education program
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On Our Radar

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TPS Civics

Teaching with Primary Sources from the Library of Congress
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Enabling Student Wonder to Drive
Exploration of Presidential Papers

The Electoral College: What Are Its Origins
and How Does it Work?

A Look at the Electoral College
through Math and U.S. History Lenses

Photography as a Window into Historic Protests

I Dissent: A Conversation for Kids
with Ruth Bader Ginsburg

A Soundtrack of World War II

From the TPS Teachers Network
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Primary Source Nexus

Teaching resource blog
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Recent Posts

Featured Content from the Archives

TPS Program

News, Opportunities, Resources

2020 Constitution and Citizenship Day Lecture
Library event video recording

Beyond the Presidential Election: The Battle for the House and Senate
Library event video recording
Watch New, Tip, and Top for October 2020

Emmy Lou and the Doughboys: Gender and Wholesome Fun in the Great War
NCTE webinar recording

Influences: New Guided Tour on the Voices for Suffrage App
Navigate to Guided Tours under the Explore the Movement section, then select the Influences tour in the left-hand column>

Primary Source Podcast: Underutilized Features in Chronicling America
By Tom Bober, Teacher Librarian and Former Library of Congress Teacher in Residence

Read.Inquire.Write Materials for Low English Proficiency Students
Materials currently available in English and Arabic

TPS Teachers Network Album Tutorial

Teaching The New Deal in Missouri with FSA Images
A unique platform for accessing the Library of Congress’ (LOC) Farm Security Administration (FSA) images of Missouri through a map and database

Virtual ‘Concerts from the Library of Congress’ Season
Get the schedule

“Why Vote?” voter engagement strategy
Right Question Institute

Online Professional Development


Using Library of Congress Resources to Build a Historical Argument
National History Day
December 14, 2020 to April 22, 2021
Cost: 58 Free spots available for teachers and librarians in grades 6-12
Credit: 90 professional development hours OR 3 graduate extension credits
Registration Deadline: Friday, November 6, 2020 at NOON EST


ICS Fall 2020 Virtual Workshop: Exploring Strategies for Analyzing Primary Sources
Institute for Curriculum Services
October 29 – 7:30-8:30 pm EST

“And that’s the way it is”: Television and the Cold War
Georgia Historical Society
October 29 – 3:00-4:00 pm EST

Rifles, Radio & Resistance: Robert F. Williams & the Black Freedom Movement
Carolina K-12
November 10 5:00-6:30 pm

Wednesday Webinar: The Question Formulation Technique
TPS Virginia & Sarah Westbrook (RQI)
December 2 4:00-4:30 pm EST
Email to register

2020-2021 Discover Tennessee History Webinar Series
TPS MTSU – 3:00 pm CST unless noted otherwise

  • November 12 –  Digging in with TPS-MTSU: A Free Press – The Fourth Estate | Register
  • November 19 – Peer-to-Peer Discussion Group: Hands on in a Hands off World with East Tennessee Historical Society | Register
  • December 2 – Manifest Destiny: Primary Sources and Resources with East Tennessee Historical Society Register
  • December 10 – Digging in with TPS-MTSU: Teaching with Graphic Media | Register
  • March 9 – Discover Tennessee History – Tracing the Trail of Tears through Tennessee @4 pm CST | Register

From the TPS Teachers Network
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Library Blog Round-Up

Recent favorites
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Haunting Songs for Halloween 2020

Houdini and the Spirit Realm?
Transcribe Hockley’s World of “The Beyond”

Cooking Up History: Homemade Halloween

Honoring African American Cowboys
on the Western Frontier

Your Pandemic Story, Illustrated,
Shared, and Remembered

Revisiting Rights-Free:
Popular Graphic Art Prints

Mystery Photo Contest: You Solved Four!

Stuck on You: National Chemistry Week 2020

2020 National Book Festival Highlights:
Sandra Cisneros

Six Latin American Authors You Should Knows

From the Pros in the Field

Teaching & Learning with Primary Sources
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