August 10, 2022

NHD 2021 Communication in History: Topic Ideas & Resources

Last Updated on November 18, 2020

NHD 2021

Conventions, Expositions, Fairs

Methods of Communication






Local topic suggestions

NHD 2021: Topic Selection, Research, Sources & More


  1. daneira pineda-picaz says

    I will like to do FRIDA KAHLO 😀 she is a very amazing women and her history is still in our life especially on art. One thing I really love about her that she is very open she is not scared to express her feelings

  2. Samantha Trevino says

    I would like to do harriet tubman she is very helpful with people and her story/life is amazing!! I really love what she has done for everyone and the slaves. 🙂

  3. i want to do woman rights and how they could not vote years ago but look at us now we got to vote who we wanted our presdent was

  4. Elise James says

    I am doing the Film I love electronics and i think it would be cool to learn some of the first videos.

  5. For VHD I am doing 1917, it is a movie but I want to learn what actually happened.

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