March 3, 2021

Citizen U Bulletin: Volume 1, Issue 12




Volume 1, Issue 12


Citizen U

Weaving civics across grades and disciplines
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New Lessons:
Pairing Picture Books & Primary Sources


All the Way to the Top
Students investigate the ideas behind the movement that made the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) possible and the motivations and character traits of a girl who was a part of that movement. After, students can investigate contemporary creatives and activists and/or current legislation related to the ADA and share what they learned with the class and their families.

Let the Children March
Students investigate the beliefs of the marchers and their supporters. After, students can tell the story, in words or pictures, of a march they have participated in or a march they could imagine themselves participating in because they passionately support that cause.

Stonewall: A Building. An Uprising. A Revolution.
Students consider multiple perspectives as they build knowledge of this historic event in LGBTQ+ rights movement. After students can read the summary of the Equality Act, which passed in the House but has not moved out of committee in the Senate, and one or more comments on it published in the Congressional Record. Encourage students who feel passionately about the Equality Act to write to their Senators to share their thoughts.

Thanks to Frances Perkins: Fighter for Workers’ Rights
Primary sources highlight how one person can influence the thinking of a nation leading to students investigate the historical origins of social security. After, students can connect with seniors to share their learning and interview them about their experiences with social security today.

When Washington Crossed the Delaware
Students practice close reading of both texts and maps while investigating the events leading up to and following this key accomplishment in the Revolutionary War. After, students can research a current event and create a map based on their learning along with a curator’s note that briefly describes its value; create a gallery walk of student work.

RISE Micro-credential Program Webinar Series
Reflection, Inquiry, Self-awareness, and Empathy:
Strategies to Integrate Racial Equity in Teaching

Webinar 1 Aug. 4: RISE – Reflection
This webinar provides instructional strategies that engage students in discussing the emotional, economic, and educational impact of racism from a historical and a current perspective using inquiry and story. Using primary sources from the Library of Congress, we guide teachers in the use of the Primary Source Analysis tool alongside a new and innovative Reflection Tool as a resource to launch candid and respectful dialogue around racism.

Webinar 2 Aug. 11: RISE – Inquiry and Self-awareness
This webinar highlights the use of self-awareness tools to examine beliefs about teaching and learning to operationalize racial equity and the use of primary sources from the Library of Congress as an essential resource to engage in this process. Learn how to help students investigate stories of racism in education through both historical inquiry and current context analysis and strategies for employing controversial discussions.

Webinar 3 Aug. 18: RISE – Empathy
In this webinar facilitators model the integration of  culturally relevant pedagogical practices as well as leadership practices that consider equity at the forefront. Participants work with texts such as “How to be an Antiracist” by Kendi as well as primary sources from the Library of Congress to create a personal plan of action for their own professional and personal vision of racial equity.

TPS Civics Educator Micro-Credential Program

From the course discussions: “Forcing through a curriculum that values a dominant social and political narrative is bound to exclude members of a diverse classroom. Designing learning opportunities for students to research an era through primary sources can provide the motivation to challenge that narrative rather than pushing students to conform or bow to it.”

Our American Voice

Action-based civics education program
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Komensky Elementary
Berwyn South School District 100

On Our Radar

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When an Election Brings Controversy to Class

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TPS Civics

Teaching with Primary Sources from the Library of Congress
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Hiroshima, 75 Years Later:
A Survivor’s Account, Now at the Library

Counting Down with #19Suffrage Stories:
100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment

Historical Science Collections
from WWII to the Postwar Period

Navajo Code Talkers Day

Studying Images of World War I Nurses:
The Nurturer in a Red Cross Poster

“A Bad Penny Always Returns”

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TPS Program

News, Opportunities, Resources

FableVision Presents “Civics! An American Musical”
Players take on the role of a theatre producer to observe, reflect, and question primary sources taken from the Library of Congress’ archives and accurately adapt true events from American history to the Broadway stage. | Access

Visions of Education Podcast
KidCitizen Principal Investigators Michael and Ilene Berson talk cyber security and other digital resources that can support social studies instruction remotely & in person. | Listen

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In Custodia Legis blog post | Read

Full Author Lineup for Virtual 2020 Nation Book Festival

Can I Copyright This?
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2021 National History Day Theme Book and Video launched
Communication in History: The Key to Understanding | Access

Online Professional Development

Wednesday Webinars
TPS Virginia
4:00-4:30 pm EST
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  • September 9 – Joel Breakstone (Stanford University, History Education): Is that story real? Strategies for finding trustworthy information
  • September 16 – Lia Atanat (Maryland Humanities):
    Thinkport Inquiry Kits: Primary Sources for All Learners
  • October 7 – Michael and Ilene Berson (University of Central Florida): KidCitizen, a K-5 app for exploring Congress and Civic Engagement
  • October 14 – Amara Alexander (Library of Congress Einstein fellow): Library of Congress resources for the Science classroom
  • December 2 – Andrew Minigan & Sarah Westbrook (RQI):
    The Question Formulation Technique

Black Communities and Agency: Fighting Jim Crow and Institutional Racism
Collaborative for Educational Services
Sep. 29 – Dec. 13
Fee – 67.5 PDPs + optional graduate credits available for additional fee
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Teaching with Primary Sources: Professional Development Providers Institute
TPS Eastern Region
Sep. 30 – Nov. 4
Information & Registration

Accessing Inquiry for English Learners Through Primary Sources
Collaborative for Educational Services
Oct. 19 – Dec. 5
Fee – 22.5 PDPs + 1 graduate credit
Information & registration

From Reform to Equal Rights: Teaching Disability History in the K-12 Classroom
Collaborative for Educational Services
Oct. 27 – Dec. 7
Fee – 22.5 PDPs + 1 graduate credit
Information & registration

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an Old Solution to a Modern Problem

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Great videos laying out fun writing activities.

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Cooking Up History

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Finding Inspiration in Traditional Crafts

Gilbert & Sullivan’s American Ally: G.L. Tracy

A Journey from
St. Petersburg to Siberia to Washington, DC

Homegrown Plus: The Murphy Beds

Fun with Braille

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Teaching & Learning with Primary Sources
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