June 16, 2022

TPS Spotlight: Primary Sources and Teaching Online Webinar Series

Last Updated on July 1, 2020

Primary Sources and Teaching Online Webinar Series
The Teaching with Primary Sources Western Region and the TPS Teachers Network at Metropolitan State University of Denver hosted a series of professional development webinars three times a week for seven weeks. Don’t worry if you missed any, because we’ve got links to the recordings!


Week 1 Lineup

DIY – Creating Your Own Primary Source Sets

March 31 HostMary Johnson

Primary Sources and Tech Tools!

April 1 HostsLaura Isrealsen and Michelle Pearson

Week 2 Lineup

Escape 2020: Stow-away on a 1585 Primary Source Cruise

April 7 Host: TPS Western Region Trainer and Librarian Sherrie Galloway

Teaching Elementary Online with Digital Primary Sources

April 8 Host: 2018-2019 Distinguished Educator Fellow at the Library of Congress Kellie Taylor

Getting Personal in Non-Personal Spaces: Supporting Student and Staff Vulnerability in Remote Learning

April 9 Host: William Anderson, High School Social Studies Teacher and Adjunct Professor

Week 3 Lineup

Exploring Historical Conflict with Primary Sources Using Literacy Strategies

April 14 Host: Rolly Schendel, Professor of Literacy, School of Education, MSU Denver

Listening Skills for Content Access in Remote Settings

April 15 Host: TPS Western Region

More Tech and Primary Sources

April 16 Hosts: Michelle Pearson and Laura Isrealsen

Week 4 Lineup

Creating Purposeful Learning Environments

Host: Rolly Schendel, Professor of Literacy, School of Education, MSU Denver

Remote Learning and Research with Annotated Resource Sets and Adobe Spark

Hosts: Laura Israelsen and Michelle Pearson, Two Geeky Teachers, Educator Superheroes

History Detectives: Activities for the Elementary Classroom

Host: Dr. Todd Laugen,Professor of History, MSU Denver

Week 5 Lineup

Primary Sources LTE

Hosts: Elizabeth James, Archivist and Digital Preservation Librarian at Marshall University; Judy Bee, Associate Director of TPS Midwest Region at ISU, Amy Wilkinson, Program Director and Instructor at SIUE

Let’s Chat! Taking the QFT Online with EdTech Tools

Hosts: Sarah Westbrook, Director of Professional Learning at RQI; Katy Connolly, Education Program Associate (RQI); Laura Israelsen, Teaching Librarian; Michelle Pearson, Social Studies Educator; Jay Sorensen; Educational Technology Coordinator

Collecting & Curating Primary Sources with a Purpose

Hosts: TPS Western Region and TPS Teachers Network

Week 6 Lineup

Virtual places and Primary Sources in the Classroom: HABS and Google Arts and Culture

May 5 Hosts: Laura Israelsen and Michelle Pearson, Two Geeky Teachers, Educator Superheroes

Turkeys, Chili Peppers and Corn: Analyzing an Historic Codex

May 6 Host: Sherrie Galloway, TPS WR Master Trainer, 2005-06 Library of Congress Teacher-in-Residence

Photography and Primary Sources

May 7 Hosts: Peggy O’Neill-Jones, Executive Director TPS-WR, Professor Emeritus, Journalism and Media Production. Laura Israelsen, Teacher Librarian; Michelle Pearson, Social Studies Educator

Week 7 Lineup

Pairing Literature with Primary Sources for Remote Learning

May 12 Hosts: Ruth Ferris, K-6 Librarian, Kathi Hoyt, Education Media Specialist, Melissa Fox, 2nd Grade Teacher

App smashing: Creating Your Own Maps with Primary Sources and Digital Tools

May 13 Hosts: Josh Olhava, AICP, PCCMP, Principal Planner City and County of Broomfield; Two Geeky Teachers: Laura Israelsen, Teacher Librarian; Michelle Pearson, Social Studies Educator

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