September 14, 2020

Citizen U News: Issue 5

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Welcome to the official newsletter of Citizen U and Our American Voice, supporting all civics initiatives empowering educators and education supporters to integrate civics into every classroom, civic action into every community, and primary source civic literacy throughout. All while keeping you up to date on the latest civics news and opportunities, like the upcoming pilot test of a new TPS civics microcredential seeking the participation of Illinois teachers, free of charge

Lawfare lays out sound advice for journalists on how to read the Mueller report; it could well be useful for engaging the cub reporters in your classroom as well… Read More


A new partnership is seeking to recognize and inspire the Americans it believes most crucial to the future of our country: middle school civics educators… Learn More

It’s Hamilton vs Henry, Madison v Mason. Re-enact the constitutional debate between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists in this new Citizen U lesson pack… Learn More


Students solve and create American history and civics challenges using primary sources with Eagle Eye Citizen, an innovative interactive initiative from the Roy Rozenweig Center for History and New Media… Learn More


Peruse America’s founding media serial (and everything swirling around village cisterns because of it) in this curated collection of Library of Congress primary sources centered on The Federalist papers... Explore


Citizen U is an educational initiative, funded by the Library of Congress, that integrates primary source learning and inquiry-based civics across core disciplines–English language arts, math, science, social studies–and grade levels from elementary to middle and high school. Learn more

Far-sighted Lester Elementary students navigate funding and goverance challenges to pave the way for one of their own in a middle school they aren’t even attending… Learn More


They just wanted to make their school a little safer.  Instead, 4th and 5th graders at Irving Elementary kids literally opened the gate for district-wide change… Learn More


You might have to go all the way back to ancient Egypt to find a librarian with a bigger vision for the written word than Carla Hayden… Learn More

How do you deal with one of the most intractable conundrums in American life? For the Georgetown University student community, the answer is clear: you begin… Learn More


Democracy or republic? The story of how one state and its teachers addressed this question provides a road map for how you can have more say in your curriculum… Learn More


Our American Voice is a non-partisan, project-based learning initiative that teaches students from elementary to high school how to apply lessons from the founders to become active citizens in their own communities. Learn more

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