July 14, 2022

NHD 2017: Taking a Stand – World History Topic Ideas

Last Updated on October 11, 2020

NHD 2017 World Topics I

These curated resource lists coincide with the order of the topic ideas listed in the NHD 2017 theme sample topics list. The links lead to resources accessed from the Library of Congress (LOC.gov) unless otherwise noted. Note: U.S. historic newspaper coverage is from 1789-1922 unless otherwise noted.

The Boxer Rebellion: Standing Against Westernization

Chinese, American, and European Resistance to the Japanese Occupation of Nanking

The Opium Wars Between China and Great Britain

The Rise of Communism in China: Mao Zedong

Inca and Aztec Resistance to Spanish Colonization

Taking a Stand at Dien Bien Phu

Pancho Villa: Taking a Stand at the Mexican Border

Nelson Mandela’s Stand for Equality in South Africa

The Sri Lankan Independence Movement

Toussaint L’Ouverture and the Haitian Revolution

Standing for Women in Government: Indira Gandhi

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