August 8, 2022

NHD 2017: Taking a Stand – European History Topic Ideas Part II

Last Updated on August 8, 2022

NHD 2017 European History Topics

These curated resource lists coincide with the order of the topic ideas listed in the NHD 2017 theme sample topics list. The links lead to resources accessed from the Library of Congress ( unless otherwise noted. Note: historic newspaper coverage is from 1789-1922 unless otherwise noted. For additional European history resources and primary sources, we suggest European History Primary SourcesEuroDocs: Online Sources for European History, The European Library and EU screen.

What Happens When No One Takes a Stand? Neville Chamberlain’s Appeasement of Adolf Hitler

Standing Against the Monarchy: Oliver Cromwell’s Parliament Versus King Charles

Standing Up to the King: The Peasant’s Revolt to End Serfdom in England

Taking a Stand Against the Monarchy: The Birth of the Magna Carta

Standing Against Capitalism: The Soviets’ Refusal of the Marshall Plan

Sir Thomas More: The Scholar Who Stood Up to a King

Storming the Bastille: Standing Against the Excesses of the Monarchy

The Velvet Revolution: Standing Against Communist Rule in Czechoslovakia

Emmeline Pankhurst: Militancy for Women’s Suffrage

The Italian Unification Movement— Standing Together

Standing Against Slavery: Lord Mansfield of England

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