May 15, 2022

NHD 2017: CMHEC Topic Ideas – Urban Planning, Housing, Architecture, Environment

Last Updated on October 11, 2020

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These curated resource lists coincide with the order of the topic ideas listed in the Chicago Metro History Fair (formerly CMHEC) NHD 2017 theme-related topic ideas. The links lead to resources from the Primary Source Nexus and the Library of Congress ( unless otherwise noted. Note: U.S. historic newspaper coverage is from 1789-1922 unless otherwise noted.

Burnham and the City Beautiful

Public Utilities, Not Private! electricity and gas

Saving Sullivan: Richard Nickel

Look at the Urban League (need to narrow)

The Parks and Playground Movement

Frank Lloyd Wright

Rules of the Roads—The Introduction of Automobiles into the City

Mary McDowell

More NHD 2017 CMHEC topic ideas (Illinois / Chicago focus)

NHD 2017 topic ideas (U.S., European, & World History)

NHD 2017: Selecting a Topic for a History Project

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