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NHD 2017: CMHEC Topic Ideas – Race, Ethnicity Rights, Justice

Last Updated on October 11, 2020

CMHEC Topic Ideas – Race, Ethnicity Rights, and Justice

These curated resource lists coincide with the order of the topic ideas listed in the Chicago Metro History Fair (formerly CMHEC) NHD 2017 theme-related topic ideas. The links lead to resources from the Primary Source Nexus and the Library of Congress (LOC.gov) unless otherwise noted. Note: U.S. historic newspaper coverage is from 1789-1922 unless otherwise noted.


Recognition of Jean Baptiste du Sable

Young Lords

Abolitionism in IL or Chicago (Skinner, Carpenter, Mary and John Jones)

The Trial of John Hossack

Carlos Montezuma

Springfield Race Riots, 1908

East St. Louis Race Riot, 1917

Chicago Race Riots, 1919

Commission on Race Relations: A Dream Deferred

Robert Abbott and the Great Migration

Chicago Defender: Sengstacke Era and Civil, Political Rights

Coles and the Fight to Make Illinois a Free State

Lincoln – No House Divided

Mamie Till-Mobley

Ben Reitman: Taking a Stand for Outcasts

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