May 15, 2022

NHD 2016: CMHEC Topic Ideas – Power, Authority, and Governance

Last Updated on October 11, 2020


Below you will find Library of Congress resources curated by TPS-Barat that relate to National History Day 2016 topic ideas from the Chicago Metro History Education Center. This set specifically focuses on power, authority, & governance but all topic ideas are related to the 2016 NHD theme: Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History. More CMHEC topics will be referenced in subsequent posts.

Interest in this area involves the way that government functions, how politicians lead, laws made and impact, and how citizens participate in government.

Encounters at the 1968 Democratic National Convention

Exploring Progressive Encounters with Industrial Capitalism: Hull House Reformers in Europe

Lincoln-Douglas Debates: Encounter and Exchange of the Nation’s Future

Pullman Strike: A Landmark Encounter Between Capitalists and Labor

Pullman Town: Exchanging Freedom for a Job

Exchanges in the Wigman: How Presidential Candidates were Selected

Exploring Anti-Slavery: Lincoln and Colonization

1860 Republican National Convention in Chicago

Chicago and the Civil War

Lincoln and the Building of the Nation’s Infrastructure: Exploring Government Responsibility

Ida B. Wells and the International Exchanges to End Lynching

Exchanging Slavery for Statehood: Illinois Moves from Northwest Territory

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