December 29, 2021

NHD 2015: CMHEC Topic Ideas – Women and Civil Rights

Last Updated on November 10, 2021

NHD 2015: CMHEC Topic Ideas – Women & Civil Rights

Below you will find Library of Congress resources curated by TPS-Barat that relate to National History Day 2015 topic ideas from the Chicago Metro History Education Center. This set specifically focuses on women and civil rights, but all topic ideas are related to the 2015 NHD theme: Leadership & Legacy in History. Links to more NHD and CMHEC content follow this resource list.

NOTE: historical newspaper coverage is from 1836-1922


Frances Willard: Temperance, Suffrage

Louise de Koven Bowen: Wealth and Progressive Reform

Elizabeth Drier Robins, Agnes Nestor and the Women’s Trade Union League

Mother Jones: The Miners Angel

Suffrage Movement in Illinois: Strategies for the 20th Century

League of Women Voters

The Integration of the YWCA

The Black Women’s Clubs

Civil Rights

The Black and White Abolitionists of Chicago

The Richardson and the African-American Abolitionist Movement of Illinois

Pullman Porters

Owen and Elijah Lovejoy

Mamie Till and T.R.M. Howard—Mourn, but Organize

Legacy of the Black Panther Party

1919 Race Riots and the Failure of Leadership

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