October 20, 2019

World Spotlight: Ukraine

Album of the Coats of Arms of Ukraine

Ukraine primary source set World Digital Library

Ukraine image set

Ukraine maps

Historic U.S. newspaper coverage of Ukraine (through 1922)

Songs of Ukraine

Ukrainian sheet music

Foreign Affairs oral histories mentioning Ukraine

First Lieutenant Clotilde Kaluta oral history video – WW II service locations: England & Ukraine

Odessa: Genius & Death in a City of Dreams streaming webcast

U.S. legislation related to Ukraine (through 2013) current legislation

Guide to Law Online: Ukraine

Global Legal Monitor news about Ukraine

Crimea primary source set Library of Congress

Crimea primary source set World Digital Library

Crimea historical newspaper coverage (through 1922)

Crimean History, Status, and Referendum In Custodia Legis: Law Librarians of Congress March 13, 2014

Learning from the Source: Crimea, Ukraine, Russia-Then & Now

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