October 19, 2018

State Spotlight: South Carolina

South Carolina stories from America’s LibrarySouth Carolina primary source setSouth Carolina mapsSouth Carolina books & articlesSouth Carolina historical newspapersSouth Carolina sheet musicSouth Carolina oral histories, songs & dialect recordingsSouth Carolina WPA life historiesSouth Carolina imagesSouth Carolina legislationSouth Carolina Guide to Law OnlinePrimary Election Laws: South Carolina In Custodia Legis blog February 22, 2016Today … [Read more...]

Today in History: Nullification Crisis

Today in History–January 13–the Library of Congress features the Nullification Crisis. On this date in 1833, President Andrew Jackson wrote his new president Vice President Martin Van Buren affirming his commitment to preventing South Carolina's defiance of federal authority by nullifying national tariff laws. The Nullification Crisis began in November, 1832 when South Carolina nullified a federal tariff. On December 10, 1832 Jackson issued a proclamation promising to uphold the federal tariff … [Read more...]