July 30, 2014

Today in History: Juan Ponce de León

The government of Spain donated this statue of Juan Ponce de Leon in downtown Miami, Florida

Today in History–September 27–the Library of Congress features Juan Ponce de León, who was granted permission to settle Bimini Island and Florida on this day in 1514.  Seven years later, in 1521, Ponce de León sailed from Puerto Rico to Florida with two ships, two hundred men, fifty horses, as well as other domestic animals and agricultural tools. Unfortunately, the party was attacked by Seminole Indians and Ponce de León was wounded; an infection resulted and he died later that year … [Read more...]

Featured Image: Robertson’s geographic-historical series

Robertson's geographic-historical series

Pages – click the image above to view all -- [Title sheet] -- The Earth -- The Earth as known when Columbus sailed -- Columbus' voyages -- Location of Indian tribes 1492 -- The Cabots -- Ponce de Leon and Balboa -- Magellan's voyages -- Spanish in America at close of the sixteenth century -- French explorers (a) -- French explorers (b) -- French explorers (c) -- Drake, Frobisher and Gosnold -- Attempted colony by Raleigh -- Settlements -- Settlements … [Read more...]