August 1, 2014

Primary Source Learning: Oral Histories & Personal Narratives

Twelve Years a Slave contains numerous oral history and personal narrative resources. Check out the lists below! Teaching resources Learning from the Source: Chicago Meatpackers & the Unions Learning from the Source: Media & Migrant Laborer Perspectives Analyzing Primary Sources: Learning from Oral Histories Capturing an Oral History: Tips for Students Billy the Kid: Perspectives on an Outlaw Exploring Community Through Local History: Oral Stories, Landmarks and … [Read more...]

Today in History: Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell's design sketch of the telephone

Today in History–March 10–the Library of Congress features Alexander Graham Bell, who made the first successful telephone call to his assistant Thomas Watson on this date in 1876. An audiologist, speech therapist and teacher of the deaf, Bell's knowledge of the nature of sound likely encourage his experimentation. Another Bell invention was a metal detector, that was created to help save President James A, Garfield. Unfortunately, the attempt to locate the assassin's bullet was unsuccessful. … [Read more...]

Primary Source Learning: Women in U.S. History

The girl on the land serves the nation's need Apply Y.W.C.A. Land Service Committee

Access ready-made primary source lessons and activities to learn how some incredible women throughout U.S. history helped advance the nation. Primary Source Learning: Women’s Road to the Vote (woman suffrage teaching resources) Primary Source Learning: Women in the White House Learning from the Source: Chicago Meatpackers & the Unions Music and U.S. Reform History: Stand Up and Sing Women in the Civil War: Ladies, Contraband and Spies Next, create your own primary source … [Read more...]

Primary Source Learning About Lincoln

Page from Abraham Lincoln's sum book

We all can learn a lot from Abraham Lincoln. Below you will find links to primary source activities, lessons, and projects from the Library of Congress, TPS-Barat and other TPS consortium members. Learning from the Source: Abraham Lincoln & Me Activity Book Learning from the Source: Gettysburg Address Image Sequencing Learning from the Source: Perspectives in Civil War Song Sheets Learning from the Source: Presidential Portraits Learning from the Source: Putting Loss into … [Read more...]

Primary Source Spotlight: Western Expansion & Manifest Destiny

American Progress

This set of primary sources and teaching resources focuses, primarily, on the time period 1800-1860. Western expansion stories from America's Library Western expansion timeline (includes primary source activities) Primary Source sets Western expansion (includes teacher guide) Primary Source Learning: Expansion & Reform (includes learning activity) Primary source collections Pioneering the Upper Midwest: Books from Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, 1820-1910 … [Read more...]

Primary Source Learning: The Places You’ll Go with Maps


The Library of Congress has custody of the largest and most comprehensive cartographic collection in the world and there are so many places you can visit with the Library of Congress fabulous digitized map collections. Take a look at the wide variety of maps you can explore in incredible detail and discover engaging primary source lessons and activities. Zoom in now! Map Collections American Revolution Maps & Charts of North America & the West Indies 1750-1789 an important historical … [Read more...]

Primary Source Spotlight: Immigration

Immigration Office

Primary source sets Immigration: Challenges for New Americans (includes teacher guide) Mexican American Migrations and Communities (includes teacher guide) Immigration images Immigrants images Immigration books & other texts Historic newspaper coverage: immigration problem Historic newspaper coverage: immigration benefits Immigration oral histories Vaudeville: immigration Ellis Island From Haven to Home: 350 Years of Jewish Life in America (online exhibition) Law … [Read more...]

Featured Image: Night lights

Night lights : satellite view of the world

Notes - "The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration's National Geophysical Data Center and the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program's Operational Linescan System provided data to NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Bowie State University in order to render this image of global urban lights."--On verso. - Includes lesson plan outlines, ill., and 11 maps on verso. - "This investigation for grades 5-8 is reprinted from the NASA-funded Mission Geography curriculum."--On verso. … [Read more...]

Primary Source Spotlight: Poetry

Painting "Poetry" in south atrium ceiling of Federal Complex, Erie, Pennsylvania

April certainly is not the cruelest month if you're looking for poetry resources from the Library of Congress. has loads of treasures to choose from. Teaching resources Primary Source Learning: Poets & Poetry PSN poet primary source collections Sherwood Anderson Paul Laurence Dunbar Ralph Waldo Emerson Langston Hughes James Weldon Johnson Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Archibald MacLeish Edgar Allan Poe Phyllis Wheatley Poets & the … [Read more...]

Primary Source Spotlight: Women’s History

Penn[sylvania] on the picket line-- 1917

Lesson Plans & Activity Ideas Primary Source Learning: Women in U.S. History Primary Source Sets Primary Source Spotlight: Woman Suffrage Activists Jane Addams Susan B. Anthony Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell Carrie S. Burnham Emma Goldman Carrie Nation Lucretia Mott Rosa Parks Alice Paul Elizabeth Cady Stanton Mary Church Terrell Harriet Tubman Sojourner Truth Artists The Alcotts Marian Anderson Ella Fitzgerald Dorothy and Lillian Gish Julia Ward … [Read more...]