February 22, 2018

Connecting to the Common Core: Analyzing Primary Source Images

Although image analysis activities do not generally require reading (apart from reading bits of text found in an image), the skills required to extract information from visual content are similar to those required to extract information from text. Practicing these skills using primary source images provides students with a great scaffolded learning opportunity. The table below shows how the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Reading Anchor Standards map to primary source image analysis … [Read more...]

Connecting to the Common Core: Image Sequencing Activities

Image sequencing activities help students better understand written or spoken texts. Image sequencing requires groups of students to review an image set and match individual images with designated lines of text, discussing and justifying their choices. These activities give students great practice in the skills emphasized by the Common Core State Standards, particularly the CCSS standards related to Speaking & Listening and Language (vocabulary). When creating image sequencing activities, … [Read more...]

Connecting to the Common Core: Close Observation & Purposeful Questions

The Teaching with the Library of Congress blog provides several ideas for inspring close observation and engaging students with primary sources, including having students make personal connections to an item, look for clues to time period and authorship, look for details that provide evidence of their thinking, and ask purposeful questions. Close observation of images is great practice for close reading of text, a strategy emphasized in the Common Core State Standards, in particular CCSS reading … [Read more...]