December 15, 2018

Featured Source: Twentieth-century transportation

List the different types of transportation that you see. How many instances of each type can you spot in the print?How have these types of transportation changed in the 21st century? What are some new types of transportation?What types of transportation can you imagine there might be in the 22nd century?What other observations, reflections or questions does this source inspire? Let us know! … [Read more...]

Featured Image: The Pit and the Pendulum

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Featured Source: Hippodrome Theater

Where was the Hippodrome Theater? What other details in the photograph support that answer?Use the Primary Source Nexus search box to look for more information about the Hippodrome Theater. What did you learn?Imagine you are one of the people on the street outside the Hippodrome Theater. What are you thinking or talking about? Create a dialogue of thoughts or words.What other observations, reflections or questions does this source inspire? Let us know!  … [Read more...]

Featured Image: Prominent Inventors

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Featured Image: Are Vacations Harmful?

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Featured Image: A Cleverer Crow

Pughe, J. S. "He won't let go. A cleverer crow than the bird of Aesop's fable." 1908 May 13. Summary: In 1908, William Jennings Bryan was recommended by party members as the Democratic presidential nominee. Although very popular in the south and the west, many eastern Democrats opposed his nomination, citing both his two previous losses (1896 and 1900) and his newly formed radical ideas as reasons. The cartoon appeared before the Denver nominating convention, at a time when Bryan was making it … [Read more...]

Selecting Primary Sources: Considering Historical Context

Understanding historical context is an important element when considering why a primary source was created. The Teaching with the Library of Congress blog outlines characteristics to look for when selecting primary sources that students will be able to place in historical context. For more help providing historical context, look in the Library Teacher Guides in the primary source sets and the Collection Connections (please note that those collections marked with teaching resources are the ones … [Read more...]