April 17, 2014

Featured Image: Evening Sky Map April, 1912

Evening Sky Map for April 1912

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Featured Image: Winged Time

Winged Time

Curator's note from the Library of Congress online exhibition: The Dream of Flight On these pages, the English poet and illustrator, William Blake, depicts the personification of "Time" as having wings. On the left page, Time has his traditional scythe and conceals his wings as he creeps stealthily toward the viewer. On the right, Time has passed us, unfurling his wings as he goes on about his endless journey. Blake uses powerful imagery to interpret the words of the poet Edward Young, whose … [Read more...]

Featured Image: April Fools at Home & Around the World

The evening world. (New York, N.Y.), 01 April 1914. Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. Lib. of Congress.

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Featured Image: Massachusetts Did It

Massachusetts did it

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Featured Image: National Anti-Suffrage Association

National Anti-Suffrage Association

Compare and contrast the photo above with the top photo from the Learning from the Source: Tactics in the March to Suffrage post. … [Read more...]

Featured Image: George Washington – A plan of my farm

A plan of my farm on Little Huntg. Creek & Potomk. R.

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Featured Image: Slave market of America

Slave market of America

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Featured Image: The Gerry-mander


Curator's note In 1812, Jeffersonian Republicans forced through the Massachusetts legislature a bill rearranging district lines to assure them an advantage in the upcoming senatorial elections. Although Governor Elbridge Gerry had only reluctantly signed the law, a Federalist editor is said to have exclaimed upon seeing the new district lines, "Salamander! Call it a Gerrymander." This cartoon-map first appeared in the Boston Gazette for March 26, 1812. … [Read more...]

Featured Image: The Old Story

The Old Story

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Featured Image: Martin Luther King, Jr. at a press conference

Martin Luther King, Jr., three-quarter-length portrait, standing, facing front, at a press conference

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