March 28, 2017

About TPS-Barat

The Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) program works with an educational consortium of schools, universities, libraries, and foundations. Launched in 2004 and funded by a grant from the Library of Congress, TPS-Barat provides free, engaging, inquiry-based learning materials that use Library primary sources to foster student inquiry and personal connections to history and culture from the United States and beyond.

United States Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois has been instrumental in securing funding for the national TPS initiative and the Illinois TPS Consortium members, including TPS-Barat. “The Library of Congress has a vast wealth of resources – resources just waiting to be tapped by students not just in Washington, DC, but all across the country. Thanks to this program, teachers can receive the training necessary to harness the latest Internet technology and bring the Library’s digital collections into their classrooms, enhancing their teaching and expanding the universe of knowledge available to all our students.”

The mission of the Primary Source Nexus is to serve as an online community support resource for the TPS-Barat program.