May 26, 2018

Finding Resources: Browsing & Searching the Primary Source Nexus


TPS-Barat Resources

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The TPS-Barat Resources section on the top menu provides access to themed link sets—groups of primary sources, teaching resources and other online Library content—resources aligned to the Chicago Public Schools social science framework and the categories and subcategories of all posts on the TPS-Barat Primary Source Nexus. Click the links to learn more.

Themed Link Sets

CPS Social Science Resources
resources aligned to the Chicago Public Schools Social Science Framework 3.0; teachers outside of CPS will also find great content as well

Primary Source Picks

Primary Source Picks subcategories

  • Today in History
    uses specific dates in history as a starting point to chronicle people and events that have shaped our world (includes brief background information and lists of primary source sets and individual primary sources from the Library); you will also find links to daily featured Today in History collections below the Browse TPS-Barat Content box
  • Primary Source Spotlight
    provides links to primary source collections and other digital content from the Library based on specific themes
  • Collection Spotlight
    highlights the primary sources and related resources found in individual Library of Congress collections
  • City Spotlight
    highlights primary sources specifically related to individual cities in the United States and around the world
  • State Spotlight
    highlights primary sources specifically related to individual U.S. states; includes primary source sets for all 50 states
  • World Spotlight
    highlights primary sources specifically related to individual countries from all parts of the world

Today in History box

Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning subcategories

  • Analyzing Primary Sources
    provides activity ideas as well as guiding questions for analyzing different primary source types
  • Connecting to the Common Core
    describes strategies for using primary source learning to meet Common Core State Standards and foster critical thinking skills
  • Learning from the Source
    provides instructions for primary source activities, lesson plans, and projects
  • Literature Links
    provides primary sources and teaching strategies to help students better connect to and understand great books
  • Primary Source Learning
    lists primary source teaching resources related to specific themes
  • Selecting Primary Sources
    provides guidance for selecting primary sources for use in learning activities
  • Teaching Now
    provides examples of how educators are using Library primary sources and teaching resources in the classroom

Tech Tips & Tutorials

Tech Tips & Tutorials subcategories

  • Finding Resources
    provides guidance on finding primary sources & teaching resources on and
  • Integrating Tech
    provides ideas for integrating technology into teaching and learning with primary sources
  • Using Sources
    provides instructions and strategies for accessing Library primary sources for use in teaching and learning
  • Tech Tools
    highlights technology tools and provides guidance for using these tools when teaching and learning with primary sources

Barat Bits & Bytes
includes the Primary Source Nexus News, aggregated from our tweets about the resources on this blog, Library of Congress resources, and examples of teaching with primary sources, and other news and information related to the Barat Education Foundation and TPS-Barat

Featured Sources
showcases spectacular examples of primary sources and provides ideas for guided primary source analysis activities

Using Tags
Each post has a number of content tags associated with it. A tag could be a single word or a phrase. For example, each Today in History post contains date as well as topic tags (e.g., may, may 1, 05 01, architecture, engineering, etc.).

Click any tag to access a list of related posts. You will notice /tag/ listed in the URL; words in multiword tags are separated with one or more hyphens (e.g.,


Primary Source Nexus Menu

There is a search box at the far right of the top menu bar. You can use it to search the content of posts and pages published on the TPS-Barat Primary Source Nexus. It is generally good practice to limit your search query to 3-5 words.

The search engine used on this website does not recognize search operators (i.e., quote marks or +) and will ignore certain words such as articles, conjunctions, prepositions, pronouns and question words. Search results are sorted by the following criteria:

  1. full sentence matches in post titles;
  2. all search terms in post titles;
  3. any search terms in post titles;
  4. full sentence matches in post content.

You can search for a particular keyword on any individual page by simultaneously pressing control/command + f and then typing in the word you would like to find (e.g., Douglass).


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