April 26, 2017

Today in History: Custer’s Last Stand

The monument on Custer's hill, containing all the bones found on the field
Today in History–June 25–the Library of Congress features Custer’s Last Stand, which occurred on this date in 1876. General George Armstrong Custer and 265 men under his command lost their lives in the Battle of Little Bighorn. Find out more about this battle in the Today in History section and access resources related to Little Bighorn and those who fought there through the links below.  You might also be interested in more Native American resources.

Little Bighorn images from American Memory

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Custer images from American Memory

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Custer sheet music

Custer books

Custer’s Last Fight playbook

Touring map of the Custer Battlefield Hiway

Sitting Bull’s Message from Spirit Life (book, 1891) by Kate R. Stiles

Sitting Bull images from American Memory

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Red Horse image set

Chief Gall image set

Crazy Horse image set

Learning from the Source: Comparing Reports of the Battle of Little Bighorn

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