November 23, 2017

Primary Source Learning: Math Activities That Add Up

Integrating primary sources into the social studies curriculum doesn’t take a quantum leap of imagination, but can you imagine how they could be paired with math? Numerous teachers who have gone through Teaching with Primary Sources programs delivered by TPS consortium members, have done just that. Intrigued? Check out their formulas for mathematical learning by reviewing the resources listed below. Thanks to Dr. Lucianne Brown, Director of Governors State University TPS program, who helped source some of these primary source math teaching resources.

Using Primary Source Projects to Teach Mathematics American Mathematical Society On Teaching and Learning Mathematics blog January 20, 2015

Geography by the Numbers: Staff Member Solves Mystery of Mapping Equations Library of Congress Information Bulletin May 2003

From Flight to Discovery Teaching with the Library of Congress blog May 30, 2013

Mathematics image set

Outdoor recitation, Camp Algonquin, 1911

Vocational Printing. Math. class.

Leonardo’s Workshop: The Invention, Art and Science of Leonardo da Vinci

Learning from the Source: Primary Source Trail of Western Migration

Huexotzinco Codex (using an Aztec manuscript to learn math & history)

Eye Spy Math (geometry)

Lincoln The Road To Math This Century

Arithmetic to Mathematics: A Look Back


Why do we use quilts?

Past and Present: Using Baseball Statistics to Teach Math (student worksheet)

Learning Decimals and Fractions with a 19th-century Currency Table

Finding the Area and Volume of Buildings Using Architectural Drawings

Battle of Nashville 1864 (map)

A Monumental Math Quest: A Math and Architecture WebQuest

Math in History

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